Convenient Physicals and Immunizations

In order to join many organizations, jobs, or schools, patients will need to meet certain medical requirements. At First Med Immediate Medical Care, we provide physicals and immunizations for patients in Flushing, NYC, and surrounding areas, with no appointment required. Whether you need a pre-employment physical or a school vaccination for your child, we can help. To learn more about undergoing physical examinations and immunizations at our walk-in center, contact First Med Immediate Medical Care today. 


Adults should undergo a physical examination at least once a year to help maintain optimal health. In addition to providing routine physical exams, we also frequently see patients who need physicals for:

Worker's Compensation

An independent medical examination (IME) is required when filing a workers’ compensation claim. The exam should be performed by a physician who has not treated you before, as no doctor-patient relationship is permitted between the examiner and the employee. Fortunately, our center is ideal for satisfying this important requirement.

No-fault Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York state follows a "no-fault" system, which means a driver who has been injured in an auto accident must seek compensation from his or her own insurance company, regardless of who was at fault. If you are seeking restitution as a result of an auto accident, you must undergo a mandatory physical exam to verify the extent of your injuries.


Man getting checked with a stethoscope by a doctorAn employer may require a physical exam as a condition of employment, particularly if the position involves physical activity. In addition to employment physicals, we also offer a full range of occupational medicine.


The Department of Homeland Security requires physicals for individuals applying for citizenship in the United States, and for those who are seeking a permanent residency status, or a green card. We can perform this physical without the need for an appointment, and we can also take care of any additional services, such as vaccinations, blood tests, or a follow-up chest x-rays for TB testing that may be required.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publishes immunization schedules that outline the recommended vaccinations for both children and adults. Proof of immunization (in the form of a vaccination record) is also often required for school or certain jobs. The CDC also publishes information about the vaccines needed for safe travel outside the country. Some vaccinations that you receive as a child will last your entire life, while others need to be repeated as “booster shots."  If you do not have your full vaccination record, we can perform a basic blood test to check for the presence of antibodies that indicate immunity from a given disease.

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At First Med Immediate Medical Care, we take pride in making routine visits for physicals and immunizations as easy as possible. We have the experience to answer all your questions, and we will always take the necessary time to help you understand your medical care. To learn more about physicals and the types of immunizations we offer, contact us today.