Pre-employment Physicals

If you are asked to have a physical exam related to employment, we can get you in and out fast. More and more companies now require prospective employees to undergo a pre-employment physical to ensure that they are in good shape and can perform the duties required in the position. Some employers, such as the United States Department of Transportation, require specific testing for certain positions. Others require annual screenings, or special screenings for work-related travel. First Med urgent care centers can provide the pre-employment physicals you need at our Flushing, NY, location. The staff at our centers will provide these exams quickly and with no appointment necessary.

Companies have the right to order prospective employees to undergo a physical examination to make sure they can maintain good health and perform their assigned job duties.

Why Do I Need a Pre-employment Physical?

Companies have the right to order prospective employees to undergo a physical examination to make sure they can maintain good health and perform their assigned job duties. The employer can only order these exams when they have made an offer to a candidate. These physicals help protect workers from injury, and protect the company from injury lawsuits.

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Our employment physicals are fast and thorough, with no appointment needed.

Basic Checkup

Most exams will begin with a basic checkup of the patient’s health. One of our registered nurses will take your blood pressure and temperature, and record your weight. You will answer questions regarding any medication you take. Patients will need to practice caution when taking medications that can cause drowsiness, especially when operating heavy machinery. The doctor may also ask you about the ways you handle stress, if you are applying for a high-stress job.

Physical Exam

The doctor will perform tests to check your reflexes, and the range of motion in your joints. She will check your heart and pulmonary health, and test your vision and hearing. She will examine any pain or discomfort to determine if the cause may keep you from performing your job. The doctor will tailor the rest of the exam to the age and sex of the applicant, and other examinations may take place upon disclosure of any accidents or injuries the patient may have sustained, or any current health issues.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings

Especially important for those applying for high-risk jobs, including operating machinery or heavy equipment, many companies have made drug and alcohol screenings standard for all new employees. Employers have the right to ensure that they can depend on the candidate to show up to work every day in the proper state of mind. Employees working while intoxicated can cause many problems, including serious injury to themselves and others. In New York, companies receive a discount on workers’ compensation premiums for drug-free certification, so these screenings have become very common.

Specialized Testing and Exams

We cater to patients who may require specialized exams for their jobs. The Department of Transportation requires regular physicals that include screening for obstructive sleep apnea for certain drivers to ensure they can perform their job safely. In addition, bus drivers need to have a special Article 19 exam to perform their duties. Our physicians are all members of the Department of Transportation national registry, and perform these exams on a regular basis. We can also provide special exams for HAZMAT workers, as required by OSHA.

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Our pre-employment physicals require no appointment. We can have you in and out very quickly, helping you on your way to your new career. Call or come by our offices today.