Maintain a Safe Working Environment with Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing

First Med offers employee alcohol and drug testing services at their Flushing, NY, offices. These tests can be vital for workplace safety. With accurate screening, you can make wise decisions in the hiring process, and you can maintain a responsible and effective staff. In addition, we encourage you to consider becoming a certified drug-free workplace through First Med. Doing so can help to ensure business and public safety, and you will also earn a discount on worker’s compensation insurance premiums. We offer a variety of tests, and all of our physicians and lab staff are state-certified to provide you with reliable, experienced occupational health services.

Photo of medical personnel holding a urine sample cup

Why Perform Drug Screening and Alcohol Testing?

There are a number of reasons why companies and employers perform drug screens and alcohol tests:

  • To vet potential employees before hiring
  • To determine the cause of a workplace accident or to obtain important legal protection after an incident
  • To discourage drug and alcohol use among employees, especially during or immediately before work hours
  • To identify employees with abuse problems and to provide appropriate resources
  • To ensure the safety of other workers
  • To promote public safety and earn community confidence

Some professionals, such as commercial driver's license employees, are legally required to submit to regular drug screening and alcohol testing. This process will occur before a driver is hired and, in some cases, after an accident. Nevertheless, any business can benefit from these assessments.

How Do Drug and Alcohol Tests Work?

Drug tests can detect a full spectrum of illegal or controlled substances, including opiates, tetrahyrdocannabinol (THC), cocaine, methamphetamine, and more. Along with alcohol, these substances will remain in the body for varying lengths of time. For example, alcohol will leave the system in a matter of hours, while cocaine can remain for up to ten days. Therefore, if you are ordering tests following a workplace accident, time may be an issue. At First Med, we can work quickly to complete time-sensitive testing.

There are a number of methods that we may use to screen for drugs and alcohol. Techniques can include:

  • Breath tests – These tests will detect substances that a subject is currently using. For example, a breathalyzer test can determine whether an employee has been drinking on the job.
  • Urine tests – These tests can expose trace substances in the body. A urine test can often reveal whether a subject has used illegal drugs within the last few weeks
  • Blood tests – Blood samples will also show substances currently in a subject’s system. Blood tests are often more accurate than urine tests, but there is a shorter timeframe in which drugs remain in the blood stream.
  • Hair tests – By analyzing a subject’s hair, we can often uncover drug use going back as far as 90 days.
  • Oral fluid tests – Saliva tests are very accurate with certain substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. We typically use these test to determine current drug use.
Our tests are reliable, and it is easy to set up a regular schedule of testing so that you can maintain your status as a drug-free workplace.

Become a Drug-free Workplace with First Med

Becoming a drug-free workplace will earn significant discounts on your worker’s compensation insurance. It will also make your business safer and more productive. As a preferred occupational medicine vendor, First Med is an outstanding choice if you are ready to take this important step for your company. Each one of our doctors is dedicated to accurate, timely treatment, and all of our lab technicians and collectors are board certified. Our tests are reliable, and it is easy to set up a regular schedule of testing so that you can maintain your status as a drug-free workplace.

Discover Your Available Benefits

To learn more about our tests or to find out how your business can become a drug-free workplace, contact First Med today. We strive to help all companies establish the best work environment possible.