State-of-the-Art Digital X-Rays

A technician viewing an x-ray in a medical setting.If you suspect that you have a sprain or a fracture, we offer digital x-rays at our location in Flushing, NYC, so you can get an on-the-spot assessment. Available for adults and children of all ages, digital x-rays allow us to diagnose bone fractures as well as a number of other medical conditions. Traditional x-rays use photo chemicals and film to capture internal images of the body and must be developed before they can be viewed. Digital x-rays, however, can be viewed immediately on a monitor by the patient and provider. We can also burn you a CD that you can use for follow-up care or viewing at home. We accept most insurances and offer reasonable prices for uninsured patients so you do not have to wait to get checked out with an x-ray. Visit one of our walk-in facilities today.

State-of-the-Art Technology

X-rays are a type of radiography that employs electromagnetic radiation to view the internal structures of opaque objects of varying density and composition. It is the oldest and most common form of medical imaging of the human body. To produce the image, a generator projects a beam of x-rays toward the area of the body—such as a knee—to be examined. Some of the x-rays are absorbed by the area according to its density and composition, while others pass through. The x-rays that pass through can be captured behind the body part by either photographic film or a digital detector.


Digital x-rays are widely replacing traditional photographic x-rays due to a number of benefits for both patients and medical providers.

Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays:

  • Produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional radiographs
  • Can be viewed within minutes
  • Do not need to be viewed on a light board
  • Have the ability to be digitally enhanced by zooming in and changing the contrast
  • Can be easily stored and transmitted electronically
  • Can be taken home on a CD for viewing on a computer
  • Are much more efficient and accurate

First Med uses only cutting-edge digital x-ray technology because it is safer, more precise, and provides both patients and their providers a clearer picture of their health.

Conditions Diagnosable by X-Ray

In addition to bone fractures, x-rays allow us to diagnose a variety of other conditions and urgent care problems.

Orthopedic Conditions

  • Hairline and stress fractures
  • Tailbone fractures (from falls)
  • Conditions of the knee
  • Dislocations of the shoulder and elbow
  • Pediatric hip dislocations
  • Bone infections

Non-orthopedic Conditions

  • Kidney stones
  • Stomach problems
  • Lung congestion and fluid around the lungs
  • Pneumonia

Emergency Problems

  • Swallowed foreign objects
  • Penetrating injuries like embedded glass, metal, and wood
  • Tissue damage related to animal bites

Fast, Expert Care

Digital x-rays from the experienced providers at our state-of-the-art facilities can provide you with fast answers so you or your family member can get the care you need. Our staff of board-certified physicians provides outstanding care for most medical issues as well as expert referrals whenever necessary. You will not have to make an appointment or wait around for hours in a crowded emergency room. For exceptional, expedient medical care in a clean, comfortable, and compassionate environment, visit First Med today